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DFI Lanparty NB Voltage

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How high can I push the voltage on a CFX3200-DR (Lanparty UT).
Right now its at 1.21 I tried [email protected] 340*8 1.45v. What should my voltages be? I can run over and find out the stepping for this opty. I'd really to know if someone has xfire and can continue an IM with me. I'll be asking alot of questions. DFI people would be appreciated.

EDIT: Opty 165 (somthing, dunno the stepping yet.. to lazy to look)
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The forum is for discussion and sharing knowledge with all, the likes of AIM negate that!
Only up the voltage to improve stability as necessary.
Well it won't even boot. I'm just scared of blowing something.
and its fine if ya talk with me on here, i was just suggesting xfire. -_- sorry duke, lol.

Won't BOOT? Hmmm, I doubt the NB voltage is relavant to the problem. What might be is the PS, are the voltages good?
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Boots stock fine. I'm STUCK at 1.328v. NO FLUXUATION WHAT SO EVER. Its a 700w Thermaltake psu. Really amazing piece. Could the memory timings be giving me the black screen? If so, what should they be. OR.. what would be a good setting to try.
Bumpity Bump, +reps if you can get this board to oc.

I have Team Xtreem Zeus ram (2-2-2-5).. Cpuz Shows it as 2-3-3-5. Team reccomends 3.3 volts for thier ram. I have mine stock at 2.7. Should I go up to 3.3 like they reccomend? Is that why my system won't boot? I'm just really afraid of blowing something up lol.
3.3V? I guess that's UTT or BH-5. So yes, smack it up to 3.3v, and STAY at CAS2, anything above will make it unstable.
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Yea it is BH-5 So 3.3 shouldn't blow it, right?
Tried 3.3v on the ram.. Still nothing. 350*7.5 140/200 (pc4000) Should i drop it down to 100/200? So its under 200? But thats like.. underclocking the ram. CAS is 2, like you said. Cpu voltage is at 1.375, should I go higher for that oc?
Oh yes, 1.375 doesn't sound right.

What stepping do you have?
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