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dfi lanparty ut nf3 250gb restart during update of chipset

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ok ive set up my hard drives in an raid array and i did the slow format on the hd
and installed windows xp successfully.

my mobo is dfi lanparty ut nf3 250gb
but i tried to install the new nvidia chipset drivers but it didnt work it keeps on restarting. when it gets to ethernet.

i decided to re install windows to see if the problem is solved but it stills restarts at the same point.

is any one having the same problem using chipset drivers 5.11

anyone know what to do?

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1. Are you sure you have the correct drivers?
2. Sonds like the NIC drivers, which are nVidia may be th wrong drivers... what NIC is on your MB?
I checked... you have a Realtech NIC (ethernet) !!!
DO NOT load the nVidia NIC drivers
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oh how come when i install using the dfi lan utilty systems disc it installs ok for the ethernet.???

it installs nvidia driver for the ethernet
Perhaps I'm an IDIOT on ocassion... sorry!
I looked up the MB in your SIG

Have you tried disable the NIC when you load the drivers?
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The problem is the driver. It has been documented that for nF3 boards, driver version 5.11 causes all kinds of headaches. Use 5.10 and you will be ok.

Difference between 5.10 and 5.11... ethernet driver.
that's surprise

i'm using v 5.11 w/ no problem. My main board is DFI LAnparty nf 3 250gb UT

ok ill try to find some 5.1 drivers
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