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Dfi lanparty

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Found out that the DFI Lanparty P45 Is cheaper than the P5QE
where im buying...
(the p45:
DFI Lan Party DK P45-T2RS PLUS + ABS { what does the PLUS + ABS Mean?} )
So is the DFI > P5QE? {also for OC}

And should i take the dfi X48 ? It cost 50$ more than the p45 dfi
I'm definitely not going for CF so I can't see a good reason to do that,
is the x48 dfi better than the p45 dfi for OC?
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I have the same motherboard and I'm not sure what the abs is but its the revised version of the same board. The first version of the board carried a lot of problems so DFI fixed those problems and named it plus. If your not going crossfire go with the p45 its a great chipset with great overclocking abilities
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