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First timer here -
Started With: Disabled EIST and C1E

Here is where I am stable (only 15 min OCCT load test so far):
  • Clock speed from 266 -> 330
  • Multiplier to 9
  • DRAM at 792 (333/800)
  • CPU and NB Voltage at stock (1.29 and 1.33)
24% overclocked to 2970MHz
Temps: 62 62 60 59 Chipset: 56

I did get an "Error Detected on core #-1" but this is a bug in OCCT according to their forum (it would have said #1, not #-1, if there was a true error).

Clocked to 333 without voltage adjustments dram at 800 - It booted, but during OCCT load, I tried opening smart guardian and windows froze (cleared cmos)

At some point in trying some increases:
Increasing CPU from 1.29 to 1.39V and NB from 1.33 to 1.41 at speeds of 360 and 380 (DRAM at 800 or less), but getting blue screen and page faults when starting load test in OCCT - idle is fine, and temps were around 62-65 on cores, 56 on NB.

Some questions:
  • What voltage and temp is safe to increase on NB?
  • In going from 330 to 333 with stock Voltage I get a stability issues (OCCT was testing fine under load until I opened smart guardian)? Maybe a fluke (see description above)?
  • I would like to get to 400/3600 at least - should I be able without changing RAM speed?
  • What should I try next
Specs are below...Let me know if screensshots from OCCT results would help.

Thanks for any help or ideas.

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