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DFI RMA experience

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So I've done many an RMA in my day, but thought I'd share my first experience with DFI.

I had a DFI LanParty P35 LT kicked the bucket and sent it for RMA. First off, DFI's RMA communication responsiveness is fantastic, second only to ASUS. When DFI received the board they stated it was physically damaged, bent pin

Well I know none of the pins were bent when I sent it out, BUT the area they claimed was bent was discolored. Why...well that I don't know, but it was and it was noticeable to the naked eye. Still DFI would "repair" the board for $40. While I disagreed the pins were bent, I respect DFI's claim because there was something wrong with the pins in that area. Besides, I LOVE this board and $40 was a small price to pay to have it back!

Now normally with companies like Abit and ASUS they just send a recertified board back from a pool, not DFI! I got back my original board with a new socket and BIOS chip plus all new mosfet, NB, and SB heatsinks. How do I know it is my board? Easy, I had sprayed mine with conformal coating which you couldn't see with the naked eye but glows faint purple under black light, and sure enough it's still there!

They also taped on a new sticker, but I'm not what it means lol

Anyway - all in all DFI still has great customer support!
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Read the guide in my sig. I for one however have like over 9000 bent pins. So yeah.

Thank you for this I will RMA it right away. Do you still have their RMA doc?
Nice, sounds like they treated you pretty well, although i wish all manuafacturers were like this
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It took 2 weeks to get DFI to send out a replacement for a DOA P35 Dark. I had to make 3 calls since they were planning to take even longer.
I had to RMA a DFI board once. Bad RAM slot...infact it burnt out...I got the same motherboard back aswel. Good experience overall.
Redsunx - Yeah, I'm pretty sure I still have it. You have to send them an e-mail first though to get an RMA # assigned. If you need the e-mail addy send me a PM

Duckie - That sucks, total turn around time for mine was 13 days and I'm out here in the midwest
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