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Diamond 5870.. Any good?

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I saw on newegg Diamonds 5870 in stock... So I bought it (have been waiting to get a 5870 until Sept)

How good is... "Diamond"?
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Well right now the cards are still reference.
So, theoretically, all the cards are the same. (Asus, HIS, Sapphire, etc)
Diamond has decent customer service.
Not too sure about their warranty.
Diamond is ok I got one from frys a while back to crossfire with my other 4870 (visiontek)

But after testing both the card in crysis cod4 and WAW i didnt see any noticble gain in performance..
and the Diamond didnt see to be on par with the Visiontek. as far as framerates went or just the smoothness..

not sure if it was just that card or that line of cards..
I ordered one from TigerDirect (should be coming in the mail tomorrow) and I'm wondering how it is as well. I'm sure it's a fine card but I'm thinking about selling me and opting for an XFX one because of the lifetime warranty. Hmmm....
diamond hangs about in the top three of my personal choices for gpus, besides them is xfx and sparkle, wouldnt purchase a different brand gpu for my own rigs if i can avoid it
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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