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Did Asrock 775 Twins HDTV support SATA2?

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1.Did Asrock 775 Twins HDTV support SATA2?
2.i have succesful overclock my celeron 2,66Ghz ( 20x133) to 3,6 Ghz(20x180)...

but i try 20x200 = 4Ghz (didn;r work) ..did anyone know how to 4Ghz
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ive been tryin to hit 4ghz for months now with no luck... its starting to look like my MOBO cant handle the speed.... so i A) either need to buy a new mobo, or B) wait to just upgrade whole system...

what was your vcore when you went to 4ghz and what deviders and ram timings were you using?
i use auto in memory timing , but in nb and memory voltage i use high

my sistem oc (3,6Ghz) running well n stabil
in 3,8 Ghz cannot work well

oh i oc memory clock too ( run in DDRII 667Mhz)

but my memory is standar (twinmos pc4300) ,... how about buy new corsair 667 ...(i hope can reach 4Ghz at my cpu)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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