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I posted this on tomshardware as well. Looking for more input..

I flashed the bios of my asus 5850 directcu to the TOP version a few days ago. I backed up the old one using GPUz and using a guide I found, flashed mine to a TOP. The flash said to be successful. Computer restarted fine. I unistalled my gpu drivers and then wiped the remaining files with driver fusion. Then reinstalled them. MSI afterburner confirmed that it flashed because my stock core/memory were raised to the expected levels. I ran kombuster and was getting long sharp looking artifacts. Not the usual little cubes you see. Odd.... I figured something went wrong. So I re-flashed it back to my old bios.

Anyways, it still does the same thing. My computer operates fine otherwise, just certain games are all jacked up now. Its not overheating either, and it is currently at stock settings. I took a video of it. I flashed it with a non reference/same brand/same model bios', just with factory overclocks set.

Can anyone think of what to do next?

The consensus so far on toms is that the TOP version had a higher memory voltage and that it physcially damaged my card.

Here is the guide I followed to flash it.


Here is the youtube video showcasing the glitching.
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