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Did M$ change policy, or was I lucky?

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I am running Vista Ultimate, which I bought the an OEM version off of Newegg less than a month ago. I was running an AMD Kuma with an Asus board with it until last night, when I switched to a Gigabyte board with an E3120. I had little trouble upon reboot, only having to uninstall a few things and install the new drivers form the GA dvd.

I was afraid to activate/register again last night from the control panel as it was asking me to do, as I wanted to wait for today (as it was late night). So a few hours ago, I decided I should just get it over with. So I go into the control panel, and click the activate now link, and it just activated, no issue at all, no license errors, nothing. I was expecting a big fuss where I would have to call and blah blah blah, but nothing.

From what I have read, this should not have happened, I was expecting an error asking me to call customer service. Is this a new policy change, or did they just mess up on there end?
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Mess up, enjoy your free Windows man.
Ive activated both copies of Vista on 4 different hardware setups. Only one of each has been used at a time though. Vista is way less of a pain in the ass to activate than XP is / was
eh, my single copy of XP has installed on multiple computers multiple times (4 reinstalls on my rig alone LOL)
Had to reactivate once with a copy of XP back in 2005-2006 (around Christmas), but didn't have a problem.

With Vista it should be required.
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