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I have a Micro SD 64 Gig memory card plugged into my Dell Tablet for the past 2 years. Slowly collecting recipes, paid bill receipts, movies and other things.

Tried transferring all this data to my Laptop computer. I have a USB flash drive where I can plug in the memory card, then plug in the flash drive into the USB port on the computer. Although the computer detected the flash drive, it could not read the memory card. So then I tried a Vivitar, 50 in 1 card reader. Plugged card into reader, plugged reader into USB port and...nothing. Could not detect card.

So then I got a Micro SD Adapter, plugged the Micro SD card into this, then plugged the Card into the memory slot in my laptop and it was able to read it, no problem.

I can plug in a flach drive and external hard drive into my USB ports with no problem. So why the problem plugging a SD memory card into a USB Port?
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