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Different drivers on different partitions.

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Hi all,
I just installed Win7 beta on a new HDD partition, and I was wondering if I need to re-install graphics drivers on the new partition or not.
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Of course you do. If it's a new/separate windows installation you need to install all your hardware drivers for it.
Each OS uses seperate drivers, so you will need to install all drivers.

Most Vista drivers will work on Windows 7 also.
Ok, I'm trying to install the new drivers but I am having serious issues. Whenever the install starts, I get the error "nvidia setup could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware". I have tried three different drivers (XtremeG 185.2 vista 64 bit, XtremeG 181.22 vista 64 bit and the regular Nvidia 181.22 driver), and they all have the same problem. The only driver that works is the windows update one and it is awful - it keeps auto installing and I keep removing it.

You need to download the windows 7 beta drivers!
Here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/windows_7.html
Make sure you get the right driver for your version of windows 7 (64/32bit).
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Oh my bad, I forgot to mention I tried the win7 beta drivers.

I did however fix the problem... I had a corrupt chipset driver installation - I just re-installed it and everything worked fine.

Thanks for the help all. +rep for those who tried
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