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Dimming the Display on an Idle Computer

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Hey all,

I'm looking for a program that would mimic Ubuntu's dimming feature (the display dims, and gradually fades out the longer the computer is idle).

Anyone know if something like this exists for Vista (and x64 in particular)?

I have a 3007wfphc, and it's incredibly bright and gets fairly hot -- i also worry about image persistence. But its very often that I might want to take a short break, answer a phone call, or work on another computer in the same room. But I'd still like to be able to read what I've left on-screen.

Any help is appreciated!

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Can you, or anyone else, confirm this program works; nod32's telling me it "probably" contains a trojan (win32/Agent) :/

I found DimSaver on the same site, and it's working like a charm -- but I'd like to try DimScreen if it's safe.
Mcafee will not let me DL it (trojan)
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Well, I checked out DimSaver -- and it's good, but it's bugged on my setup (running 3 screens @ 4660x1680 total) and refuses to fade in and out. It works perfectly fine on my XP box though.

But learning about DimSaver has brought me across another good alternative: Power Dimmer

Fades out to a minimum brightness, and works perfectly in vista. Too bad there's no fade in effect when restoring control.

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