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I have a really old pc. It was my main pc for year. I was a Gateway 510X that my sister got. I broke when she was in collage and she gave it to me. She replaced it with a Dell Inspiron 6000. So Anyways when I was younger and was not banned from ebay and paypal. I would buy parts for this desktop and after some time. I had a great desktop (for the time). I remember playing Halo: Combat Evolved.

I replaced the Motherboard, RAM, Hard Drive, Power Supply, Graphics card, Keyboard, Mouse, and Processor. I kept the case as I remember a gaming case was to expensive for me. I bought most of these part brand new on ebay. They still are working today. I still own this computer and its working well. It will run almost any program and runs Windows 7 like a champ. I remember when I first got Vista on it. I hated vista.

I later rid my self of the desktop with a trade to a friend who had a Dell Inspiron 1525. I was happy and forgot about my beloved desktop. My friends Dell has a broken trackpad and display and he could not fix it so we traded.

I then 6 month later bought my very first pawned item. I hated it. It was an HP 6000 series. Best part was dual 500GB hard drives. I still had the Dell 1525 but, My brother used it. I sold the HP 6000 to my mother who used it for browsing the web.

I then 6 month later bought one of my favorite laptops an HP 4053CL. I loved the look the way it work. Everything was quite amazing. I loved AMD processor's and thought it was the best. I started having my usual computer trouble and thought why not try a CPU upgrade. Everyone told me it was not possible as laptop CPU's can't be replaced. That was totally false. I upgraded the CPU to a Quad Core AMD X920. The install worked but, the computer did not work well. I tried and save it but, sold it off 2 weeks later.

My journey to greatness. I found the best computer I have ever owned. It's the one I'm typing on right now. It's an HP 7025DX it has the lovely intel 2.3Ghz quad core processor with 8 total threads. 8GBs of ram and my most important piece a 750GB hard drive. About 2 weeks ago my beloved 750GB hard drive died and I could not recover my data on it. I find this sad because I bought this laptop in June 2012 and the hard drive broke that soon. I bought my old gateway 510X hard drive back in 2004 and it still work today. I find myself sadden my the less quality product of today.

So anyways I had a question what should I use my old gateway desktop for A NAS?? A HTPC??? It's still good.
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