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Direct connection to router..but..

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I want to connect directly to my router

here's the problem..

as soon as I run the line from my router to my computer..I get the internet..but now the other computer upstairs loses connection....if I unplug the router from my computer...I can't connect to the router..and I have to reset the router and redo the configuration again

what am I doing wrong?

I want to connect directly into it, but the upstairs one has to remain wireless.
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Hmmm, thats weird. I have a linksys wireless G router and I have a wired in connection and a wireless connection. Both work fine. Who makes your router and what model is it??
Back up a bit. Are you adding a second router into your network? If so ensure you aren't plugging into the second router's WAN port, just use the normal switch ports.
I think hes saying he has a wireless router, but when he plugs wired connection into it, he loses wireless connection and when he unplugs wired in connection he has to configure wireless to use again. Am I right?
There has been a lot of these type of threads lately. More info..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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