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Direct2Drive Keys + DVDs/CDs?

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Going a ways back I used to buy games on Direct2Drive. So I have some games on there still that I'd like to play, but their activation crap is such a hassle.

Not to mention patching them is a hassle if possible, DLC is a hassle if possible, and reinstalling it too many times makes you talk to somebody to get it reactivated. I hate not owning my games.

However, you do get two codes (usually) - one D2D activation code (for their utility when you download the game) and one just regular looking CD Key.

If I took this CD Key and just installed using the retail DVDs/CDs, would this work? Or do I need to use their stupid activation crap to play?

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It's worth a try. :\\

Too bad those games aren't available on Steam....

Originally Posted by TestECull View Post
It's worth a try. :

Too bad those games aren't available on Steam....
Haha, actually, some of them are now, but they weren't back then.

Entering the key doesn't do anything, as I think that's only for Steam product keys.
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Then try activating it on Steam? Idunno. :\\ Sucks that their DRM has locked you out of the games you own, and OCN's TOS prevents me from fixing your games pretty easily.
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