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dirt2 has stopped working crash

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I don't know where to start

Fresh install of dirt 2 demo, game crashes right off the bat.
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just get the full game. I got a crash too, but I just restarted it and it worked. Although, with the wireless 360 controller I'm getting momentary connectivity issues
I'm too using a wireless 360 controller

I'm trying again and again to start the game, its not working.

I'm not gonna dump money on a game that wont start
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Why would I do that?

No I haven't
Create a profile for the game > disable SLI in the profile?
did you try running the Colin McRae: DiRT 2 in-game Benchmark?
I got a steady 80+ FPS on it. can you run it without it crashing?
disabling SLI is stupid. I have a single 5870 and have the same problem.
I too have a single card "sapphire 5970 4GB" at first i thought my graphics card had too much memory, but then i thought it wasn't possible, the card doesn't require overclocking because it's dual GPU is fast enough and has the latest drivers (including june 2010 - DirectX) with the game crashing all the time (every 5 mins or so) it is really starting to annoy me. Every other game i have works fine.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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