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Dirwalker - Linux/Windows simplistic-n-ergonomic directory browser

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For a long time wanted to write a cross-platform GUI tool to help navigating the Linux/Windows prompts, kinda.
One thing that is undeniable and quite frustrating is the clumsiness and unfriendliness (in so many aspects) of Linux/Windows directory exploration.
On top of that, it is a nasty feeling working with a certain prompt/explorer (and getting used to it) and having to do the same on the alternative operating system, many Windows users (including me) are tripping in Linux, simple tasks as sorting directories in some human-readable form of e.g. 1 million files is a drag.

  • 100% FREE and open-source;
  • Linux/Windows binaries;
  • Loads (recursively) all the filepaths of current folder;
  • Browsing is (to be) very ergonomical, either by keyboard alone or mouse alone, ideally by both;
  • Fullscreen or windowed modes, resizable window at the start and font choosing allowing 300+ chars long lines;
  • Easy on the eyes, vintage Toshiba/Fujitsu/Compag and other fonts bring crispness;
  • No need of dpi percentages adjustments, just use 4x variants (Cordata, Toshiba) which are excellent for 4K modes;
  • Written by machinely yours Sanmayce.

This is work in progress, nevertheless, this revision 5 is fully operational, just some features are not yet implemented.

The package (Linux and Windows binary, source code) Dirwalker_r5.zip 23.5 MB (24,720,773 bytes) is freely downloadable:

Feel free to critique and suggest new features, in next months my intent is to add new features and to refine it further.

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Oh, forgot to run VirusTotal:

Product Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel

The first alarmraiser has extra-aggressive heuristics.
For those who want to play with the source and compile it by themselves, here is the compiler:

Don't have MacOS, but it can run on Mac too.

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Glad to share revision 6, in next weeks will add more functionalities, for now I am pleased with it being the INITIAL revision. Wanna see (in the process of using it) what new ideas will come up.

One thing that I hated for a long time was the scrollbars used in all kind of applications, I see huge gaps in their "design", for example, mindlessly using the hard-to-click-on "arrows", how the hell such tiny areas can be ergonomic, the constant [re]focusing/stressing the eyes in such attempts is so inconvenient, my current answer to this atrocity is my ToolRibbon, shown on the screenshot:

It is auto-hiding / auto-showing when hovering outwith/within the last 3 columns. Releasing the Left Mouse Button over the highlighted Pseudo-Button duplicates the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Home/End, PgUp/PgDn, Enter, Up/Dn, F1/F2/F3/F4). For example, positioning the mouse cursor over [UP] still allows scrolling a page down with Double-Click of Right-Button, the idea being - to scroll/sort/enter folders with mouse only.

In next weeks will write down all the keyboard and/or mouse combos, in a README.TXT, with examples.

The nasty delays (varying from 2 sec to 4 min) of using secondary STRING array were fixed by using Indirect Indexes, now wildcard filtering takes less than 2 seconds, tested for 3+ million filenames (quite long in order to stress the wildcard matcher):

As a matter of fact, the Fedora 36 file explorer, Caja, turns out to be unusable when dealing with few million files, just getting the properties of such folder takes 20+ minutes?! Unacceptable, therefore it is a good idea, one to rely on one's own tools.

In order to configure the font and window's size, edit the Dirwalker.ini, the first 4 lines are only used:
The next one is for screenshot #1:
Above being for 1920x1080, Cordata 16x32, 4GB RAM
The next one is for screenshot #2:
Above being for 1920x1080, Toshiba 8x16, 8GB RAM
The full sourcecode and Linux/Windows binaries are attached in this post:
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