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Hey All,

I have a home build NAS, which is has 3TB of storage. (3x 1,5TB raid5).
But I was wonder what should I do if I want to upgrade to say 2TB disk. I dont really have the free space on other PCs to store 3TB of data while creating a new raid5. So I was wondering what would be the best process.

I could change the disks out one at the time and let it rebuild after each disk swap. but that wouldnt be very efficient.

My NAS has the following specs:
OS: Ubuntu 10.10 Server edition.
Raid: Linux Software RAID5 (planning on buying a RAID expres card sometime)
and 3x 1.5TB disk.

Hope you can help me out;)
Thanks in advance!


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Depending on your CPU you probably don't need to get a dedicated RAID controller for light usage. Linux RAID performs pretty well.

Personally I'd just get another 1.5 TB disk and expand the array when you start running out of space. If 2 TB disks are cheaper at that point in time you could always buy one and add it to the array with a 1.5 TB partition.
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