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Hi there I have a ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1060 AMP! Edition
The monitors are lg22m38d b have 2

I bought a Display Port to DVI-D cable as the monitors only have a VGA or DVI-D
Thing is when I use the cables to the DP the monitors come up not connected.

Now here is the thing I connected one using just the DVI-D cable and the other using the DP to DVI-D.
So started Windows so I could see what Windows was doing, and under screen resolution it shows two monitors and even has what they are then if I unplug it does not show up (so it is being detected somehow) in the screen resolution settings but still the second monitor says no signal check connection.
Shows up in Nvidia control also.
On my old 280x both monitors were connected using a mini DP to DVI-D and they worked.
This is mad that it's showing under screen resolutions but they won't show anything using the DP on the screen.
Also it works with a HDMI to DVI-D adapter on the monitor.

I have tried as some say unplug everything for 5 minutes but that did nothing and we went out so it was over 5 minutes.
Any ideas?
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