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Display slow down folding?

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Does displaying the cute bubbles while your folding take away from your gpu or cpus processing power? Should I just not display it to be safe?
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I don't believe it will slow it down that much. But I wouldn't keep it up all the time just in case it does.
Cute bubbles?

Oh lol, I was thinking one of the vista screen savers lol.

My personal opinion is that is does slow it down a little to run the display - whether it is CPU or GPU power to display it it does take system resources from somewhere.
it will slow u down by a lot , dont open it , some times it will slow u down enough to crash ur computer
The bubbles as in the screen saver? I'm confused....

EDIT: Oh, when it shows that it's working

It might take away some, but probably not enough that it's noticeable.
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Okay, I guess I'll just keep it minimized. :O

Originally Posted by fashionnugget
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Okay, I guess I'll just keep it minimized. :O

Why not just install the console version? It's a service based GPU2 client without the viewer. You can have it setup as a service on your PC but doing this automatically starts it upon bootup which I don't like.

I've made 2 batch files that start and stop the service so I can kick it off when I game and back on for overnight if needed.

I can find you the links but the Stanford site has them I just downloaded less than a week ago the console version and I can show you how to make the .bat files.\\

[EDIT] here you go

Download the Client here, you want the XP/2003 GPU Console -or- Vista whatever your OS

In the screen below, goto Device manager (right click My Computer, select manage)
Drop down to Services and Applications and expand
Expand out Services and find the Folding GPU service which should be in there after you configure the client to run as a service (install and run with -configonly, it will prompt you)

Right click the service and goto Properties
Set the startup to manual and copy the Display Name of the service, hit OK.

Once that's done, make a .bat file such as Start GPU Folding.bat and edit it
Find what I have here and replace with your service name in quotes, save.
Do the same but call it Stop GPU Folding and again replace the service name.

Start GPU Folding.bat

@echo off
ECHO -- Starting Folding @ Home Client ---
net start "[email protected][1]"

Stop GPU Folding.bat

@echo off
ECHO -- Stoping Folding @ Home Client ---
net stop "[email protected][1]"

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I noticed when I put the display on with GPU2 I go from 1000 inter per second to like 400.
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