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Lets start with the basics:

What is a divider?

-A Divider is used when you need more FSB (HTT), but your ram just wont reach that speed.
-It can also be used if you want tighter timmings because lower fsb and lower timmings go hand in hand.

What do i look for to find my dividers in the Bios?

- It will most likely be under the names Dram Freq, or mem clock index What settings would I look for in my Bios?
- Most bios's will have thier Dividers in ratios, some have it in frequencies. Here is the frequency to ratio chart. Some bios's will display their ram in double data ie: 200 could be seen as 400.
Freq Dram:FSB
200/100 1:2
240/120 3:5
266/133 2:3
280/140 7:10
300/150 3:4
332/166 5:6
360180 9:10
400/200 1:1

Okay, I see the chart, but I still dont understand how 100mhz is 1:2 of 300htt.

- Your Dram (actual ram speed) is not being set to 100mhz. Its frequency is being set to 100mhz.
- The default frequency of ram is 200mhz. now running it at 100mhz gives you a ratio of 100:200 or 1:2. - Your ram will not sit at 100mhz, it will increase accordingly to your htt(fsb) keeping it's 1:2 ratio

How do dividers effect performance?

- Contrary to popular belief, running a divider can infact enhance performance.
- For the new Overclocker, a 1:1 ram to cpu ratio is optimal.
- For the Advanced Overclocker, a 1:1 may not be the best. It may be better to run a lower fsb to yeild tighter timmings. The trick to this is no easy answer. The only way to find the totally optimal settings is to try many different settings.

Does different ram work better with dividers than others?

- Yes, Different types of ram are a big part in dividers
For Example:
- TCCD will usually run very high fsb's with not the tightest timmings, which means its best to run a 1:1 divider
- BH-5 and CH-5 are high voltage ram that run low fsb(250ish) but can hold 2-2-2-5 timmings, this is best to run a divider but keeping the ultra tight timmings. -drop me a pm

Still dont quite understand, or If i have left something out.

-Drop me a pm.

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Easy way to explain that is that you are seeing the ram in double data rate.
so what i had written down as 200 you will see as 400, and so fourth, I re wrote the chart so it will fit the bios's like yours.

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because 3:2, 4:3 and 2:1 are 216, 233 and 266 (x2 of course). just in case your processor can't handle the high fsb, but you want to run your memory faster. i.e. you have ddr600 ram, but you can't run that fast w/ your proc, just put in a 233 divider and BAM, you've made your ram faster

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First post in over two years :O

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SHould add Scenarios of an Overclock with certain dividers,
at this divider, x fsb, x multiplier, and show ram speed and cpu

this that is where most of us get mixed up
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