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So today I decided it was time to clean up my case. Clean the dust out of crevices and off fans and all that.

Than I noticed it...

Dust collecting on my radiator! Although it was mounted inside the case i have a small 80mm fan with out a filter and a GPU cooling cut out that lets all in. my case it the Ultra Aluminus.

So i moved the filter from my front 120mm fan to the fan on my rad.

Without anymore filters, I am pretty much stuck. Than I think hey i heard of people using panty hose as a filter on PC cases......I have an idea.


I decided to use a "USED" dryer sheet to hold me over til I grab some more filters.

I recommend a Used filter due to it being a little worn and not restricting air flow as much.

I do not recommend this as a permanent fix, but i do not mind the smell of clean laundry in order to PROTECT MY COMPONENTS FROM DUST AND HEAT.

Hope you guys enjoyed the my post. LOL
Let me know with a rep......or not.

So some steps.
1. Clean your system and fans really well. I used and old toothbrush and w tips to break up the dust off fans and the Rad.
2. Find either a used dryer sheet or ur girls panty hose.
3. Panty hose are better, but either works.
4. Wrap on the ousltside of your fan. Where your air will enter. Use a rubberband to secure it. Or use the mounting to secure it.
5. Make sure this is only a temp thing.

Enjoy your clean PC!

PS. Us used dryer sheets not new ones.

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Pantyhose works better.....

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Originally Posted by M1nUrThr3t;12667466
This is more for those that dont wear panty hose and have them readily available
Walk in store, buy pantyhose, make pantyhose filters, ???, profit.

Ask female for old pantyhose not using anymore, if she says yes receive pantyhose, make pantyhose filters, ???, profit.
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