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Problem: Every time you overclock too far or something else goes wrong and you need to reset your bios, you need to open up your case to reset the bios jumper. Well not anymore! This switch can be easily placed outside your case so that you can reset your bios without taking anything apart. Personally, I was forced to make this switch because my bios jumper gets hidden behind my dual slot gpu cooler, and they only way of accessing it is to take the gpu card out, which is an even bigger pain. So here we go:

The basic essentials are:
- A 3-pin cable
- Wire strippers
- A switch
- A soldering iron
- liquid electrical tape

Too make it look fancy, you will also need:
- heatshrink tubing
- wire sleeving

Time: about 20 mins, depending on how fast you can solder and wait time for the electrical tape to dry.

Cost: I had everything at home except for the switch. A quick stop at Radio Shack on the drive home for work did the trick. I paid $2.39 for a P/N 275-603 switch

And we begin:
My 3 pin cable came from a set of front panel connectors from an old case.

I cut the rest away and got my 3 pin connector from it.

Notice that the wires go ORANGE, BLUE, GREEN. REMEMBER!!!! the color that is in the middle!!! importante!!!

So now here is my 3 pin cable.

Thinking that is was going to be easier now before I solder on the switch, I sleeved the wire. I only used a scrap piece that I had lying around. It didnt quite fit the entire length, but it was good enough for me.

Now its time to solder on the switch. Remember how the pin pattern went ORANGE, BLUE, GREEN...well thats the exact pattern that gets soldered to the switch, most importantly with BLUE in the middle. Always keep the middle color in the middle! When your bios is in normal operation, pins 1 and 2 should be connected. Here, orange and blue are connected. During reset, pins 2 and 3 should touch, here...that would be green and blue. Notice that both have pin #2 in common.

Final Product!!!

I covered all 3 with liquid electrical tape so no wires are exposed.

Now you see her:

Now you don't!!!

Works great!!! For all you lazy people out there, Silverstone makes one too!

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Bah, beat me to the punch. I was going to post one as well, but good tut.

Another good way to get a female header for the switch is using an old CD Audio cable (which is what I used). You have to extract a pin and slide it over one (can be done with a small screwdriver), but it has three wires-- All you need.

Now what about a way to get a free SPDT switch? If you have a cold cathode kit and never turn it off, why not snap the switch off of that? That's what I used for mine. After you cut off the two wires from the cathode's switch, solder or twist the two cut wires together (if twisting, twist TIGHT) and insulate it with some electrical tape (liquid or standard).


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Originally Posted by keith27
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Get rid of that electrical tape and buy some heat shrink.


But nice job. +rep
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