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DIY Lapping Advice plz

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Im thinking of lapping my Big typhoon and i wanted to know what i need to do it.I dont want to buy a expensive kit .Im getting it prept for my opty

Can u advice me on what materials i need and what grit sizes are recommended or a cheap kit that does the job

BTW im from UK
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http://www.overclock.net/faqs/70395-...ps-my-big.htmlYes why not?Get grit 400 600,800,1000,1500 and if is possible get 2000 grit for the final touch.Now get a piece of glass or plexiglass and use a flat surface.I tape the sanpaper like that dont move.Now I use a little of water and start.with the 400.Move up or down and or side to side.Keep going until grit 2000 or 1500 and be sure is flat and polish.Grab the big t in the base is easy to move.And dry then put it back in and BAMMMM.Better temp's.Hope it help.If not is a good guides in here in the forum.Good luck.
actually the kit is only five dollars which isnt bad and they take paypal with shipping its six bucks. but you will not be able to purchase this any place for cheaper, the only place you can even find 1000 or 2000 grit sandpaper would be a hobby shop and then u would have to buy a package of each grit, a variance from 300 to 1000, and each package would cost you about the equivalent of the whole kit......................
Im from the uk m8 and the kits are about £10 {$20} And thats the cheap one without postage
Good advise: take your time.

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Im from the uk m8 and the kits are about £10 {$20} And thats the cheap one without postage

hey m8, im in UK, got 1000,1200,1500,2000,3000 and 5000 for a few quid off ebay, came from hong kong though , depends how urgent it is
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go to your local paint store where thay sell paint in balk... they usually have paint supplies and you can buy the grit paper by the single sheet...
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just went on ebay cant seem to find it
Im am interested in this too, i bought some a while ago to sand my old case and realised it only went upto 400grit
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I got some from screwfix, had to buy 5 sheets of each though and postage was about £5 too, always an option if you can't get it any where else
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