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I've got two media pc's with the exact same spec, both have had a fresh install of windows 10 pro specs are;

17 2600k
16gb ram
2x4TB WD drives un-raided
1 120gb ssd boot drive

Long story short is these computers are used to download data off SD cards onto the computer which then gets compressed overnight onto the server, transferring onto the hard-drives are fine the speeds hold steady at 90mb/s but when I go to view the files the search bar takes ages to load, then the computer bogs down to a holt, open task manager/resource manager and its maxed out the hard-drive at 100% and the ram is 15.5/15.7... The Dllhost and com surrogate are what's causing the drain.

Any idea's how to fix? I've done a fresh install onto the one computer and only installed VLC player, no windows updates.

Got to the bottom of it.

It was searching for thumbnails for the .avi files, turned off thumbnails and the drives came back to life and the system returned back to normal.

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