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DMA CRC Error Count problem

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I was cleaning out my PC today and I rerouted some wires including sata and the other one that goes into the back of the HDD. I wanted to reformat so I booted it back up and tried, got some error saying something might not be plugged in correctly. Got HD Tune and found out that its a CRC problem, that's the only issue HD Tune showed. I didn't do an error scan, just looked at the Health tab.

I then changed sata cables and plugged them into different spots on the mobo also. Didn't help.

Is my drive just screwed now?
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Just tried more Sata cables and tried the other two connectors from the power supply to the hard drive and still getting the same result. I noticed there is a very very small piece of plastic missing on the right side of the sata port the port itself is straight and 100% fine though.
CRC Errors usually is due a bad cable.

SMART values do not go down or reset. You can't just reset the warning.

If you don't see the CRC count increase anymore after replacing a probable bad cable, then it is probably ok.
Well the data has been at 3 the whole time, if that's what you mean by count. And I've changed cables more then twice and tried reformatting each time I just changed cables, and it still gives me the same error about a cable or something not plugged in correctly. So something must still be off if I can't reformat still, which is all I wanna do on this hard drive atm.

Edit : Also the Current/Worst has stayed at 200 also, and threshold is always 0.
You also need to try the drive on a different computer entirely, to rule out your motherboard as the source of the problem.
I don't have another PC to test it on, but I unplugged the dvdrom completely and then I was able to reformat the error didn't pop up. Can that error in HD Tune also be caused by the dvdrom?
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