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Hey guys, I'm planning to build my very first NAS, and I want to use it mainly for storage and making backups. I am planning to use FreeNAS 9 as my operating system, and have 3x 2tb WD hard drives. Now I'm going to start my question. Since I'm going to use RaidZ, do I need a raid controller? I've seen on Youtube a tech-expert named Linus where he had five drives operating on Raid5 where he used this one. I think it was branded Adaptec. His operating system was Windows Home Server, and I think that Raid5 on the Windows Home Server is much the same as RaidZ on FreeNaS.

Will a RAID controller help speed up this kind of RAID? Or is it too speedy enough that I'm not even going to need it?

By the way, thanks for any info!
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