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Do I need a top exhaust?

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...Ok, I'm in the process of doing some modifications to my case.

Thus far I've:

-cut a secondary 80mm side intake (right in front of my vid card)

-added a 6 channel fan controller to the front panel (Zalman ZM-MFC1)

-repainted front door...deciding whether to cut to accomidate the ZM-MFC1,
or just get a digital fan controller that doesnt have large knobs or switches...

getting a new PSU - Aspire Beast Power 680w 2.0mm Aluminum housing, full cable blue UV reactive sleaving,
2 x 80mm and 1 x 120mm fans w/speed controller

also getting a sleeving kit for the rest of my tangle...

I am contemplating adding a top exhaust but I'm wondering if it would even do much more. Currently I have:

-2 x 80mm front intake fans

-2 x 80mm side intake fans

-1 x 120mm rear exhaust fan

-modded ThermalTake HSF w/AS5, ThermalTake ducting mod, and dual 80mm fans

-modded IceBlue Northbridge cooler w/AS5

<Did have a third front intake (Vantec Tornado) taking up 2 5.25" bays, but was too loud>

-CPU temp is 25-29C idle, 29-34C load, depending on the temp in my room.

-Case/Ambient temp is 28-32C without too much fluctuation...hits 32 when I heavily OC my vid-card...

My question is...would adding a top exhaust really make a difference in temps ? Or just add a little better airflow, a little more noise, and little more light?
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No those Temps are good
if you got the money and the time, do it.

going on the princple that hot air rises due to being less dense, an exhaust fan at the top of ya case would take away that hot air in theory.
i think you would want to read the following before u proceed...anyhow consider that in my opinion u already have as good as a temp u can get especially if that casing temp is plus 3°C of ur ambient temp....yet u can profit by installing the top exhaust by having a more stable temp at even higher oc....

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thx for pointing that out
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