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Do I need more clearance?

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im going trhough a few rough mounts of my rad and im not quite sure how much clearance i need for a pull set up.

should i buy some longer screws for this? the only fan im worried about it near the front of the computer. it has at most 2cm of clearance. is that enough?

and should i worry about the shelf being to close to the exhaust of the fan?
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i'd put atleast an inch or more clearance for the air to flow freely on all directions and not bounce back or restrict airflow towards the path of air.
darn...looks like ill be tearing out another shelf then. or cutting some odd holes in it
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id say you have enough

but wouldnt the rad fit inside the case
its a 480...i dont think i have room inside. the haf has room for a 360. not a 480, if it will fit i would have to cut a hole through the roof of the case and the unit that houses the front usb ports.

SOLUTION: L brackets to mount it side ways. should have thought of it earlier.
no need to cut stuff up.... if you really need space try mounting the fans without shrouds... see what gets you best temps..
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