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Do-it-yourself compenent system vs. surround sound KIT

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How many of you have a surround sound system made up of a component stereo system? Is this a better option than a KIT system? Currently I have:

8" powered subwoofer (I want a 12" or 15")
2 bookshelf speakers with 8" woofers
2 floor-standing speakers with dual 8" woofers.

I think that it is always better to use a real surround sound receiver and big speakers than the el cheapo surround sound kits. All I need now is a basic 5.1 channel receiver and a center channel.

How does this look?




Because come tax time I plan on upgrading my Pc anyways and if I want to enjoy playing games I want to finally have a surround system. And since I have a majority of the components already, Why not put then to actual use?

Now, my next question is how would this setup compare to a top-of-the-line kit?

This one here, one of the most expensive, looks like the speakers would be incomparable to even the most basic of floor-standing speakers. I assume the stereo imaging would be better because of the speakers being matched, but how does sound quality compare?

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Well it depends on how much sound is important to you, i have the z5500's and they kick ass.

I really dont feel anything more is needed especially when you consider how close you sit to computer speakers usually.

I actually used to have a top of the line home theater sound system, paid close to 5k for it and honestly i really don't think it was worth the cash, i sold it afew months ago and am using my new tv's speakers right now. I am considering getting one of those home theater in a box kits but for me that is the most i want to invest on sound, 300-400$.

For video quality i will break the bank but sound...meh
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