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A lot of PC gamers have joined together, and decided not to purchase any PC games that use the Starforce copy protection method. This site is here to provide information about the Starforce protection method, so that you can make your own informed decision.

I will provide a list of games that install the Starforce device drivers, as well as a list of publishers that incorporate Starforce. If you wish to join this boycott, we encourage you to write the publisher, or post on their forum, and let them know.

This site tries to continue the work of R.I.P. boycottstarforce.org, we have no clue why it went down.
What is Starforce?

Starforce is a software copy protection tool installed by PC game publishers, which is designed to prevent the casual copying of retail CDROM applications. It installs as a hidden device driver, without the end-user's knowledge or consent.
Why are we boycotting it?

Starforce has received criticism for installing its own device driver onto computers. The Starforce drivers are often linked to system instability and computer crashes. If these problems occur, the end-user would be unware as to the cause of the problem, and would be helpless to solve the problem.


# 7 Sins
# Anstoss 4
# Area 51
# Bandits: Phoenix Rising
# Bet on Soldier
# Beyond Divinity
# Black Mirror
# Blitzkrieg 2
# Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder
# Breed
# Brian Lara International Cricket 2005
# Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon
# Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
# Chaos League
# Chaos League: Sudden Death
# Codename: Outbreak
# Codename: Panzers - Phase One
# Codename: Panzers - Phase Two
# Cold War
# Colin McRae Rally 2005
# Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars
# Cross Racing Championship 2005
# Curse: The Eye of Isis
# Cycling Manager 3
# Cycling Manager 3
# Cycling Manager 4
# D-Day
# Dead to Rights
# Demonic Speedway
# Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps
# Domination
# Emergency Fire Response
# Enigma: Rising Tide
# Etherlords II
# Fire Chief
# Fire Department
# Freedom Force vs The Third Reich
# Gangland
# Garfield
# Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris
# GT Legends
# GTR: FIA GT Racing Game
# Heroes of Might and Magic V
# Horse Race Manager
# Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter
# Keepsake
# Kicker Manager 2004
# Kill Switch
# King Kong
# Knights of the Temple 2
# Korea: Forgotten Conflict
# LMA Professional Manager 2005
# Lock On: Flaming Cliffs
# Medieval Lords
# Namco Museum 50th Anniversary
# Neuro Hunter
# Obscure
# Pariah
# Pax Romana
# Pferdehof - Pferd und Pony
# Pop Star Academy
# Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend
# Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
# Pro Rugby Manager
# Psi-Ops
# Pure Pinball
# Rally Championship Xtreme
# Restaurant Empire
# Restricted Area
# Revolution
# Runaway: A Road Adventure
# Scrapland
# Second Sight
# Silent Hunter 3
# Silent Storm
# Silkolene Honda Motocross GP
# Singles 2: Triple Trouble
# Singles: Flirt Up Your Life
# Sniper Elite
# Soldiers Heroes of World War 2
# Sommerspiele 2004
# Space Rangers 2
# Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory
# Star Wolves
# Steel Saviour
# Still Life
# Street Racing Syndicate
# Sudeki
# SuperPower 2
# Syberia II
# The Fall: Last Days of Gaia
# The Moment of Silence
# The Suffering: Ties That Bind
# The Westerner
# TOCA 2
# TrackMania
# TrackMania Nations
# TrackMania Sunrise
# Traitors Gate 2: Cypher
# UFO: Aftershock
# V8 Supercars 2
# Virtual Skipper 3
# Virtual Skipper 4
# Vivisector
# Wildlife Park
# World War II: Frontline Command
# Worms 4: Mayhem
# X2: The Threat
# X3: Reunion
# Xpand Rally
# Xuan-Yuan Sword 4
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you should change the thread to be a bit more descriptive and mention Starforce...

you should also read about Starforce threatening someone due to criticism of their product - http://www.boingboing.net/2006/01/31...hreatens_.html

I was going to post that link in the news section or general gaming area but Ill just put it here

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How do I know if I have starforce? If I un-install a game that used it, how do I know if it is gone? And I'm all for boycotting copy protections... I'll make sure and ...ahem... not pay for any games on that list.

EDIT: That description is not entirely correct. When I installed king kong, they asked if I would like to install the required starforce drivers. And when I un-installed they asked if I would like to remove the starforce drivers.

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meh after a quick look the only game there that interests me is Pariah and maybe Colin McRae if I had a wheel.

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I use to enjoy the track mania series till i found this out, ill be happy to go back to the game if they remove star-force. But this makes u think maby other game compaines are hiding stuff like this in your computer.

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So do I understand correctly that this StarForce copy protection mechanism is basicaly a rootkit? Copy protection or not, rootkits are evil and should be made illegal.

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What is a rootkit? Also why is starforce on them since you can just dl an iso of the game, or bin file and have the game like you bought it.

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Originally Posted by xypex982

What is a rootkit?

A piece of software that installs itself with administrator privs ("root", in Unix terms) and hides itself. I.e., you won't ever know it is installed, but it can do anything. Sony just went through a big brouhaha for using a rootkit on some audio CDs: put the CD in your computer and this thing installed itself to prevent you from copying it, and you never knew it was there. This StarForce POS sounds like the same type of thing.

Make no mistake, any company that employs rootkit technology should be destroyed.

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What's the world of computing coming to? Now we have to fear games as well.

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Originally Posted by Blue_Fire

im still buying pofp two thrones

Then you had better download that StarForce removal tool to get rid of the rootkit when you're done with the game or if your system becomes unstable.

I ran it on my PC last night, I'm clean. Death to all rootkit makers. Vermin that need to be eradicated.
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