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Do people still play left 4 dead 1?

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i kinda miss it , is anyone still playing? are there still good amount of players?
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i still play it becaise i dont have the money yet to buy it (Oz prices)
I play when I'm at lan parties, although the people that I usually have the parties with all have l4d2 now, so that may change...
I still play it, I hope people continue to play it, I am not buying L4D2 until it's like 29$.
Of course people still play it. It's an amazing game.
I only really played the game for about a week after I bought it, since then i haven't really touched it.
nope, played for 1-3months, can't remember how much hours total but i got bored eventually because there was only 4 flavours. they did make a new map but i didn't bother.

however, i'm still playing tf2.
i still play
I played for about ten minutes today, and remembered why i haven't been playing it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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