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Do they have to be same?

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I'm a total noob when it comes to RAID setups.

It's my sig rig i'm going to upgrade and i want to know if the 2 drives have to be the same units or could i use a different brand or size?

My system is mainly for gaming or surfing the net but i'm always messing with things in it, ,is 1 type of RAID better for this task?

Thanks for the help
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Nope, the drives do not have to be the same for RAID, all it will do is use the smallest drive of the set. So like a 250 + 320 in a RAID 0 will only give you 500GB. JBOD will use both drives for 570GB but is only the same speed as a single drive, might be slightly slower.

For the best performance you really need two drives of the same size / speed.

For the differance in RAID you could read this, as it explains which is what and how.
Link is dead...

Originally Posted by Mauritio
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Link is dead...

Thanks .. It's fixed.. forgot the " .. lol
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Thanks IdPlease, that's got me covered now. Cheers
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