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Even though it is not a Overclock.net requirement or recommendation to include a Wireshark capture file of the exact issue you are encountering, it will greatly improve the reliability of the help you receive. A capture file will empirically isolate your exact connectivity issues including, high latency RTT's, DHCP connectivity, DNS errors, ability to reach the internet, etc..

Most issues will not require you to post a capture file. Help on this forum is vast with expertize in many different areas, but for issues directly or indirectly associated with connectivity will be extremely helpful in accurately diagnosing your problem.

Wireshark: Download
Wireshark online User Guide: HERE

Capturing your specific connectivity issue..
  • Stop all applications to reduce packet traffic on your interface card
  • Open Wireshark to the Default splash screen
  • Select the Interface Card you are using on the Upper left side of your screen
  • The capture should start automatically.
  • Replicate the problem you are encountering while Wireshark is running in the background
  • When you are finished capturing the connectivity issue Stop the capture "button 4th from the left with small red circle with white X"
  • Save the capture as .pcap
  • Upload
When posting your Capture file to take care in knowing what you are posting up.. DO NOT post capture files with sensitive information, banking information, SSN, anything you do not want viewed publically.

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This is a good tool to have, thanks!
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