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Do you submit your GPU details to Steam for their online survey statistics?

  • Yes

    Votes: 59 77.6%
  • No

    Votes: 17 22.4%

Do you post your GPU to Steam Survey?

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Simple yes or no poll, do you send your GPU details to Steam for incusion in their survey?

Notes: Steam polls each account once a year to gather survey data. Don't vote no just because you haven't gotten a survey message recently, vote no if you consciously abstain from participating in the survey or you simply do not use Steam.

Edit: Even if you don't use steam, please vote in this poll. The object is to determine whether or not steam surveys are an accurate representation of the gaming hardware market or not. If you're a gamer that doesn't use steam at all, your vote is still valuable!
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I have steam, but have never been asked about my gpu, maybe cause I use it like once a year lol
nope, theyd have 25 gpus for one account
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This will be inaccurate just because of the people who don't use steam, but can't resist polls.

Voted yes, BTW.
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Originally Posted by corky dorkelson
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This will be inaccurate just because of the people who don't use steam, but can't resist polls.

Voted yes, BTW.

-Not entirely. The point of this post is to get a rough idea of how well the Steam hardware survey actually represents demographics, as steam surveys are taken as gospel (LOL WHO WOULDN'T USE STEAM LOL?!).

In fact, I encourage people who don't use steam to vote in this, it would give much better representation of total gamers vs. Gamers that use steam.
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Voted teh yes. Just wish Steam would detect my crossfire
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Of course. I like surveys (especially hardware ones), and even if I didn't I'd still submit to help out Valve.
Umm....if they don't use Steam, their input has no relation to the Steam Hardware Survey. That survey is only gauging what Steam users have.

That being said....Of course.
Whenever it asks me I submit my info to them. It's also pretty interesting going through the results they publish.
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