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Do you reuse Sandpaper for lapping?

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My BLACK TRUE was bought lapped by CrazyPC. And when I had installed it, I forgot to check the flatness of it. I was wondering if I should lap it for mirror finish, since I don't remember how it looks like, but I assume it's not mirror finished. Even if not for the mirror finish, I wonder would it yield any better temperatures? Even by 1C?
I just want to know because I'm planning to do some heavy modding on my TRUE and tests the temperatures.

Since I got the CrazyPC lapping thing confirmed. I'd like to know if you guys reuse sandpaper for lapping or get new sheets of each grit everytime?
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to get a mirror finish use some high grit sandpaper like 1000+

Once you get through a few sheets of that get some polishing compound and rub the lapped surface to get that shine. You can also use the generic white thermal paste instead to get the same results.
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