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Do you think I got a bargain?

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I have just picked up on of these http://www.pcpower.com/power-supply/...uad-black.html for a mere price of £45. Is that good?

By the way I think it will be up to the job for my rig, could you check please. Link is in my signature.
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Wow, that's an amazing deal.

The PCP&C Silencer models are great! It would easily power your sig rig with two high-end graphics cards.

Where did you get it for that price?
Lucky lucky! That's a great price for a top quality PSU.
Ah, ok. Even second hand that's a great PSU. You should have no trouble with it at all, and it should still get good efficiency and voltage stability.
AMAZING PSU right there. I used to have one but i decided i wanted modular, i miss how quiet it was though. If only they made them in modular form.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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