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My Lenovo Yoga hybrid laptop/tablet has a Bluetooth 4.0.
I rarely use it, until a day some one has the same laptop connect to network through the Bluetooth. Like laptop BT PAN-> android phone BT PAN -> internet.
I try but it not work out. Probe signal transmitting from Windows 10 with no responese from android.
For normal pairing to exchange photos images between the two. According to lots of papers googled out there, BT 4.0 max speed is 20MB/s at max distance of 300 feets.
Infact it is s.ck, never reach over 100kBp. Poor quality, connection drops frequently. Workable range is about 10 feets. Almost never finish to transmit an images of 3.5 MB in size.
Do you think Bluetooth is just a product of advertising campaign?
Or some thing wrong with my laptop?
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