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Does rated PSU run constant at rated output?

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I feel dumb asking this, but I'f i were to get a 1000w PSU, does it run at 1000w, or does it run at only whats needed. I.e if my compy only needs a total of 600w idle, or say 700w under load, is that all the PSU pulls from the outlet? Also, when the PSU is first turned on, what wattage is it pulling for the initial start up? Is it the full output, or agian, only whats needed to power the compy?

Reason why i ask, is i will be putting this in a semi with an inverter, and need to know what size inverter to get. I've checked with the company i will be working for and they say the highest inverter they allow is a 1700w inverter, which i believe is plenty for my compy and monitor.

Side question, does anyone know how many watts a mini fridge needs?
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it will only draw the power needed by the components. Power rating is power potential usually during peaks. When a power supply runs hot, it will run at roughly 80% of what's rated or less, so the answer to your question is no. It won't draw the full 1000w at all times, but only what's required by the components connected to it.
Think of electricity in terms of pulling and not pushing. It will only supply the power that the HW draws from it. That is why if you have a 1000W PSU and your system is only drawing 225W, it would be running way lower than specified which causes them to run very inefficiently.
A 1000w PSU with a 600w load and 80% efficency will draw 750w from the outlet.

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I've been told my 750w is cutting it close for my rig. Could it be causing my OC stability issues?

750w is plenty for your rig. It probably pulls less than 600w.
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