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Does the ATI Dirt 2 steam voucher codes check video cards?

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My friend got a voucher code with his ATI card to download dirt 2 from steam when it comes out, but he doesn't want the game. If he gives it to me, would I be able to buy the game normally, or does it do some sort of hardware check to verify that I have an ATI card? Since I don't, I don't want to end up ruining the key or getting into some kind of trouble if there's an issue here.
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I have not seen or heard anything about the code needing to check hardware.

You should be good to go.
I highly doubt it, and even if it did you could just sign into your steam account on his pc and register the key.

Pretty sure I've given away codes to other people with the wrong cards and it worked for them, but I honestly can't remember.
Should be fine, it is just a serial key for the game, nothing specific to the graphic's card.
I figured as much, but long long ago I borrowed a friend's CD for a bundled game he got for his video card, and it said "only intended to work with [whatever graphics card it was]" and it actually did some sort of hardware check and refused to run on my system, so I thought this might be a possibility and I didn't want to get in trouble or invalidate the key somehow.
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