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does this mobo exist

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hi all......

ive been looking at the HD5970 throughput & the more i look about on different sites the more i realize the mobo i have wont have anywhere near the capability to open it up..

so.... i need a mobo with the following spec.


OC's well

2x PCI-E x16 @ x16 (for future CFX)



Any ideas...??
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You need an X48 board, many out there which will overclock nicely and are DDR2, Dfi UT T2R, Gigabyte DQ6, Some asus ones im sure are out there too..lol, i dont know much about asus as you can tell.
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I own one. Check my sig, I'll paste a link soon.


Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6

Working well so far, and it got great reviews on newegg and across the web. My overclock could be pushed farther, this one is with auto everything (except FSB).

Also, you can run OSX if you feel...
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+ rep to all......

X48 it is
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