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Does this processor realy have 2ghz fsb?

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I cant seem to find this one anywhere on newegg.. did compusa make a mistake when the advertised this?
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2ghz hyper transport... so ya i think it does... but im just an intel guy, someone correct me if im wrong?
mmm, i think its a typo.
i mean ive never seen a 2GHZ FSB on any chip
especially for under 200$
Ya it does.
It's not a mistake, the 'effective' HT speed in most socket 939 processors is 2ghz.
yay i was right...
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yep, that's right... well actually it's only 1Ghz, but the effective frequency is 2Ghz. It's similar to DDR... DDR400 actually operates at 200Mhz, but the effective frequency is 400Mhz
1ghz up, 1 ghz down...2ghz

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all socket 939 processors have 2000mhz. Socket 754 processors had 1600mhz.
Some retailers do make typos, but it's understood to be the same. That speed doesn't make much of a difference anyways.
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