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Does this software work to unlock iphone 3g?

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Anybody pls
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About your question, I'm not sure. I would assume there are better free alternatives. Google it some more and I'm sure you'll find some resources.
also try checking out the planet iphone forum for more info on different software

my iphone 3G has the latest software/firmware so yellowsow is not an option

Originally Posted by UnAimed View Post
my iphone 3G has the latest software/firmware so yellowsow is not an option
I would not trust anybody but the iPhone dev team. They release every jailbreak and unlock for free, and chances are if they haven't released one yet the others havent etheir.

If I were you I would just wait until they release the new official yellowsn0w, and then unlock.
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It's sure NOT unlock your iphone ALL the site's that claims it "unlock iphone 3G" they cloned the solution from dev-team and if dev-team don't have the solution to new modem 2.30 then you don't have a other choice ==> just wait.
Or unlock by server ===> IMEI calculation but don't support all the country's ! and the unlock is 100$

Try downgrading the firmware and then use yellow
If your running any firmware 2.2.1 or higher, then you can't unlock your 3g using the yellowsn0w method. 2.2.1 upgraded your baseband to 2.30.03 vs 2.28.00 in 2.2 firmware.

If you still have 2.2 on your phone, you can upgrade to 2.2.1 with a custom .ipsw file and preserve your baseband to still unlock it.
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