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Ok, here's the error:

Windows XP Home Edition Setup

Setup cannot set the required Windows XP configuration information. This indicates an internal setup error.

Contact your system administrator.


Now to simplify things I'll refer to my mobos as mobo A and mobo B

For reference, mobo A is my NFII Ultra Infinity and mobo B is my Venom V2DP (crappy backup mobo).

I hooked up my system to mobo A, and it didnt work. I stripped it down and put all my stuff together again, on mobo A. Still didn't work, so I put everything on mobo B instead and it all worked pretty good. I installed windows XP SP2 on my hardrive, and ran it for a little while. I found out that I just had a grounding issue with mobo A, so I fixed it and put all my stuff back on mobo A. I had XP fully installed and set up on my HD, but when I hooked everything back on to mobo A and tried booting it, for some reason, wanted me to re-install windows. I did that, and got the error displayed above.

Mfillpot suggested a few things, as did someone else (sorry, too lazy to look through and find out who it was). The suggestions were:
Update bios - WOULDNT WORK (ill say why in a moment)
Check hardware compatibility w/ Windows - DID IT and everything is compatible
Remove jumper from HD - DID IT (took it out, put it back in, put in different pins, nothing worked.

Ok, so I tried updating bios and for some reason it wouldn't work. Made bootable floppy, put AWDFLASH and new version of bios on it, and it just WOULDNT boot from floppy. Trust me, I tried more than 1 thing...

Now here's the thing that really stumps me!

I hooked all my hardware back up to mobo B and went to install Windows on my HD again, hoping I could install windows on my HD, then put everything back on mobo A and make it work.


I've tried everything I know, everything you guys have suggested, and everything I made up, hoping it would work.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, how to fix it, or atleast what part is crap so I can RMA it??

I've had all my stuff for 1 week now, and I've actually taken steps BACKWARD!!

I'm goin insane...

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Yup, Windows hates everybody. But they came out with a patch for it.

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Throw a chicken over your left shoulder into the oven
3. run to your computer and low level formatt the drive.

Just kidding man, I would start over with the combination mobo and chip you want to use. reseat everything, and lowlevel formatt if its a sata HDD. BTW is this a sata?
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