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Does XFX has a step up program?

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I know they have a double lifetime warranty on some of their cards but here is my situation:

I was going to buy an XFX 1gb 4870 and was wondering?

1. Does it have a double lifetime warranty?
2. Does XfX have a step up program so I could maybe get the 4890 when it comes out?
3. Worth getting the XXX version if I plan on overclocking it anyways?

Thanks! +reps
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Originally Posted by kairi_zeroblade View Post
better give that big boy a break man..the card will suffer overheating if you still pursue that size and resolution better get a 4850x2 or a 4850 with 1gb mems on it or if your wallet lets you go for 4870x2 or a single 1..
Well the simplest solution would be to dip it in some water and break down and get a water block to throw it in the loop. I just dont want to becuase it's a 4850 512mb.
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