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Double msconfig entries for startup items?

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I created a .bat file that I want to run when I startup, but for some reason it runs twice. I have a shortcut to it in the startup folder, but when I look in msconfig it shows two entries, one in "Startup" and one in "Common Startup" (whatever that is...). I searched for a "Common Startup" folder, but to no avail. What is it, and how do I stop this? When I uncheck one, and then reload msconfig, the other becomes unchecked all of a sudden. If I check it again, then the other reappears, checked as well. I just can't figure this out...
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It doesn't mean anything--my startup is loaded with doubled entries--regClean will help you out w/o dangerously messing with the Register by hand in RegEdit. Windows accumulates a lot of dead-end registry entries. I would not reccomend randomly deleting misc. .bat files, though...
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