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Doubts with new MSI Neo4. Need Help

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We are building a new computer, that is going to be based on Athlon 64 s939 3500+ Winchester.

The mainboard was going to be a K8N Neo2 Platinum-54G, but today, when we're going to buy it, we see that the new K8N Neo4 Platinum-54G based on nforce 4 ultra is now avaiable! and for a similar price. ç

The question is that this new board seems to be a better option than the Neo2, but it's PCI express instead of AGP. This should not be a problem, but the graphics card we planned to buy was an AGP Radeon x800 pro, so now we have look for an PCI-e Radeon x800 Pro, but we have not find it, it looks like in PCI-e format the only one is the x800 XT (too expensive), and x800 Pro is not avaiable on PCI-e format. ¿What can we do? ¿is there an X800 pro in PCI-e but with different name?

The second doubt is the heatsink: Thermalright XP 120 doesn't fit on NEO2, so we decided to go for an XP90. Now, with this new board, we don't know if XP 120 would fit (in thermalright page doesn't specify, I suppose the mainboard is too new).

I've look at 2 photos of the 2 boards, and the design looks to be quite different, so the xp120 could fit on this new Neo4.

So those two are our doubts, the graphic card and the heatsink, i hope someone can help us, hehe.

Thank you very much.
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