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Downloading ISO from digitalrivercontent

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Okay so I got a computer with no disk drive and no restore media that I wanted to install windows 7 ultimate on. I have a 100% legit key I can use. Is it legal to download the iso from digitalrivercontent (i saw this website name all over microsoft's support website and all over some windows 7 forums) as long as I have a legit usable key? I just wanna look before I leap. I've heard digitalrivercontent is the download zone from the microsoft store, but i'm not sure. :/

the files are 30 day trials that can be activated with a key.
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You're good to go. My legit copy of 7 didnt come with SP1. I downloaded the SP1-included ISO from that site, burned it to a DVD, and have used it ever since. As long as your key is good and you install the same version, you're fine.
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