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dremel side panel questions

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so i want to buy a blank side panel from the antec website, and cut a window into it. i have a dremel 300 series that i plan on using...but i don't trust myself to cut straight lines. i just want to do a simple rectangle. is there any sort of attachment type thing that can help me cut straight?
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Originally Posted by Juggalo23451
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you can make your self a jig to do that or use a jig saw which would be better

i have no access to a jigsaw
how would i make myself a "jig"?
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or a yardstick. or a 2x4. or a carpenters level.
I guided a circular saw with a 2x3, you can guide a dremel with a scrap of lattice or any wood. clamp the wood and the work to a table, with the cut line overhanging, and clamp it so the wood is aligned with the cut line but offset to the dremel head/blade, capiche?
got it.
i think im gonna hold off until a long weekend or something comes up to start it though.
where would i get like some type of tinted acrylic? something like bronze acrylic except not as mirror-like.
Us plastics I believe is the standard internet retailer for acrylic
I wish there were tech shops in and around Pittsburgh. I hate shipping.
have used a metal yardstick with a dremel cabled tied to it to cut a perfect circle...

just drill a hole in your yardstick and your side panel... you can use a piece of scrap if you don't want to drill into your work bench, leave the bit in the side panel and yardstick, turn on your dremel and get to work.

and seriously don't screw around with the little cutoff wheels that break all the time...
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