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Driver Clean Pro - Meant to take this long?

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How long is your average Driver Cleaner session? I've been running mine for half an hour so far - and it hasn't done much more in the details section and is still on "Now cleaning with ATI", the first cleaning option I selected. How long is this meant to take? Thanks

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ok that is way to long. it takes me 4 seconds to do it.
Did you follow the instructions? You have to do a really odd procedure. Into safe mode, out, another thing....blah

Read it in the Readme
I can't get Driver Cleaner Pro to work properly in Vista 64. I use DriverSweeper instead, and it works great, along with CCleaner.
The free version doesn't work well with vista 64bit, as its very out of date. I had the exact problems. For the new version you have to pay.

Use driver sweeper.. Its free and works well with vista.

Also... Running a driver sweeper with ATI causes more problems than it fixes for a lot of people, including me. I recommend just normal uninstalling and installing new drivers after a restart.
Wow, ok, thanks for the many quick responses. I did indeed follow the proper instructions, but given the many people warning me away from using it with Vista, I'm a little hesitant to use it again. I've done the basic sweep, I guess. Also did the proper uninstall within windows itself, so I suppose I'll just load the proper drivers now, thanks guys!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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